Some of our teachers conduct classes via Skype, so you can easily learn in the comfort of your own home (or office). For classes, you can pay in cash to our representatives in Moscow or Warsaw, and a qualified teacher who has experience in teaching English as a foreign language will help you in acquiring language skills. Talking on Skype gives you the opportunity to discuss individual language needs. A trial conversation, aiming to test the fit of the student and the teacher, is free.

Standard cost of Skype lessons:
1 hour (60 minutes): £15, €20, 1500 Russian roubles, 80 Polish zlotties, 25 US$
1.5 hours (90 minutes): £20,  €25, 2000 Russian roubles, 100 Polish zlotties, 30 US$

Payment:   QIWI terminal (Russia only), PayPal, or in cash to our representatives in Russia & Poland

N.B. Individual teachers may charge more, or less, than these standard Inter-Bridge prices

Des Buckley

Warsaw & UK

Currently the Managing Director and owner of Inter-Bridge, I have over 8 years experience teaching general and business English as a foreign language to classes of all ages, in groups or one-to-one

Languages Spoken: English, Russian Cost of lessons:  Click Skype/Prices
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Skype: DesBuckley

Svetlana Yakovleva


I have been teaching EFL for more than 9 years to different age groups. I am an experienced teacher of business English as I was working in this field for about 3 years. I never stop developing myself attending various webinars, workshops and conferences. In 2010 I did a course of teaching EFL in Oxford, UK. In 2013 I passed TKT exam in 3 modules. I can also offer classes to learners who need to take Russian State exam or international exams.

Languages Spoken: Russian (native speaker), English Cost of lessons:  500 roubles for 45 minutes

Skype: Светлана Яковлева

Vera Stetsenko


I have more than 20 years of experience teaching EFL in Russia to different age groups, but preferably to teenagers and adults. Having worked within business companies and in state education, I can offer English classes for students of different levels from beginners to those who need to pass some language exams, either in Russia or internationally. I have also experience of translating various documents from/to English into/from Russian.

Languages Spoken: Russian, English Cost of lessons:  Click Skype/Prices

Skype: verasss59

Martin Sketchley

Eastbourne, East Sussex

I  have been teaching and examining English in South Korea and in the UK for nearly four years.  I have been involved with providing lessons, managing teachers and creating curriculums/lessons for the Office of the Prime Minister in South Korea as well as dealing with large South Korean Corporations. Since returning to the UK, I have been involved with the Business English Certificate Higher and Vantage Exams as well as BULATS.

Languages Spoken: English (Fluent), South Korean (Pre-Intermediate) Cost of lessons:  Click Skype/Prices

Skype: ELTExperiences

Geoff Steele BA,PGCE,CELTA


I have over 30 years experience teaching foreign languages to classes of all ages.

Languages Spoken: English, Russian, Cost of lessons:  Click Skype/Prices

Skype: Geoffrey.Steele1

Gareth Buckley


Experience of teaching in UK and overseas, for the Public sector and the Private sector.

Languages Spoken: English, few words of Russian Cost of lessons:  Click Skype/Prices


Elaine Taylor BA(Hons), BSc, AFRIN, BASI, TESOL

Boston, Lincolnshire

I have 20 years experience of teaching a variety of disciplines to all ages – including Life Skills Management, Aviation Flying Training, Aviation English, Skiing and Foreign Languages to beginners. I have designed Learning Programmes for both the Government Sector and the Private Sector. I have experience of translating Foreign Language documents. I have been teaching EFL to a variety of age groups, both on a class and 1-1 basis.

Languages Spoken: English, Russian, German, Spanish Cost of lessons:  Click Skype/Prices

Skype: dezzief3
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