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Дез Бакли

Warsaw & UK

В настоящее время управляющий директор и владелец Интер-Бридж, у меня есть более чем 8-летний опыт работы преподавания общего и делового английского языка как иностранного в классах всех возрастов, в группах или один-к-одному

Languages Spoken: English, Russian Cost of lessons:  PLN 80 for 60 minutes, PLN 100 for 90 minutes (Młociny)
календарь обычный режим

Skype: DesBuckley

Monika Kieruczenko


Are you in need of Polish or English classes? If so, I can provide you with an extraordinary journey either to my native language and culture (Polish) or to British. I am not only an experienced and innovative teacher of Polish and English but I also speak many other languages (Russian, Croatian, etc). I teach people of many nationalities…I specialise in false beginners (however, I also teach general/business Polish/English in companies). I am able to help people with dyslexia (reading disorder), etc. I always tailor my classes to the needs of a student or students. Moreover, I also specialise in helping immigrants in the area of relocation. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me.
Languages spoken:

Languages Spoken: Polish(native), English, Russian, Croatian Cost of lessons:  65/70PLN for 60 min

Skype: sonsonja11
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